Coral Sea COVID-19 Precautions



Due to the current Covid-19 global pandemic, Coral Sea Hotels, Resorts & Nile Cruises have updated all their standard operating policies and procedures accordingly to ensure prevention of spread and detection. As well as providing optimal health and safety measures for the wellbeing of our guests and team members.



  • Coral Sea Team Members Vaccination


In order to maintain the utmost safety and comfort for our employees and guests, all our team members have been vaccinated.



  • Online Check-in

Online check-in is recommended to all guests and is available through the Coral Sea Hotels & Nile cruises website. It will also be available through all online engines and travel agents soon. Furthermore, QR-Code scan is printed and posted at the reception, as to give instant access for guests to online check. Where they can check-in, attach passport, vouchers etc. to minimize direct contact with reception and time of waiting.


  • Luggage’s Disinfection


Luggage’s will be sterilized upon arrival before entering the hotel and prior check-out before loading.


  • Lobby Entrance


Hand sanitizers are available before entering lobby/reception and afterwards. There is also masks and gloves station.


  • Temperature Reading & Record-keeping


All guests arriving to the hotels will have their body temp measured before proceeding with check-in process. Same process will be applied at every meal when entering the restaurant. Control record will be kept, depending on the case; guest will either be put under observation or confined as per protocol. Local authorities will be informed and we will follow their instructions. Same process will be followed and applied on all team members.


  • Personal Protective Equipment ‘PPEs’


For guests’ use, permanent stations of masks, gloves and hand sanitizer are available at the reception area. Masks and hand sanitizers are in every guest’s room before arrival. Sanitizers are widely spread at lobby, guest room corridors, pool deck, restaurant entrance, gym, all counters, work stations, sections, offices, staff entrances and housing corridors.




  • Social Distance


Hotels bars, lobby and restaurant are marked with social distancing indicators where required. Also chairs, sofas and tables are rearranged / marked to maintain social distance and capacity accordingly.



  • Covid-19 prevention, symptoms and other awareness materials


Covid-19 awareness info, posters, letters and screens are spread in guests and staff areas. In reception, TV screens in lobby and inside in-door bars. Also, posters in all staff work areas, housing, staff cafeteria, locker rooms and other staff areas. Awareness and regulatory advice is communicated through an information TV channel in the Lobby area.

Also info welcome letter specially prepared to inform guests, where they are concerned, with our Covid-19 procedures and on the back of this letter there is Covid-19 awareness.


  • Cleanliness & Disinfections


All kitchens, bars, operation back areas, laundry, guest room corridors, public toilets, pool sun-beds and several other operation areas are disinfected every morning before operation hours.

Also, all operation touchable points and surfaces are disinfected every hour and/or as needed whichever is closer with high vigilance and according to POSI standards.


  • Rooms


All guest rooms’ terraces are left opened for 12 hours after departure and/or before arrival to allow fresh air inside the room. Afterwards, room walls and floor are disinfected by spray machine leaving, all surfaces and touchable points and all fabrics by vapor machine.

While for daily cleaning, all linen is brought from laundry in separate, all touchable points are disinfected, and floors are disinfected last thing before leaving the room.

Surfaces, floors and touchable points are also disinfected after any maintenance or service orders.


  • Pool Deck Service


Pool towels will be left in guest rooms and will be replaced every day according to guest count.

Pool deck tables, chairs and ashtrays will be disinfected after each guest use and the whole area will be disinfected before and after operation hours.


  • Waste Baskets


All public areas are equipped with waste baskets marked “Safe PPE Disposal” for proper disposal. Those baskets and the once in guest room bathroom are supplied with red color waste bag, hazardous waste are handled according to hazard disposal standard.


  • Restaurants


Restaurant has sanitizers at entrance and PPE station. Guest body temp is measured at every meal before entering restaurant. Silverware is packed in plastic bag after being cleaned and disinfected. All plates, glasses and tableware are placed after guest arrival.

Salt and Pepper are served in sachets.



One-way ware is used where applicable and available everywhere for guest request.



  • Meals


Local authorities have allowed buffet food style but banned self-service.



  • Guests 65+ years of age


As guests of age 65+ are most vulnerable to Covid-19, we have adopted some measures that are supposed to reduce their contact with crowds. We have made them entitled to a complimentary daily check at the hotel clinic if needed.  Where feasible, guests will be allocated in a segregated section far from other in-house guests and will be granted free late check-out when available.


  • Confinement


Guests with 38+ temp or showing Covid-19 symptoms will be escorted to hotel clinic for physical check. If the case is confirmed positive, local authorities will be informed and we will act according to their instructions. If guest confinement in hotel is required, we have prepared rooms specifically for confinement. We have also created a special policy for this.




  • Hotel Crisis Management Team


The hotels have formed a Crisis Management Team “CMT” including the General Manager and all department heads to ensure total control on all information and communication related to suspicious and isolated cases.


Also, all department heads have highly trained and qualified sub crisis management teams. This team’s main task, which they are trained for, is to observe guests and staff during operation and spot those with Covid-19 like symptoms and act according to policy.