Swim Up Room Experience

Swim Up Room Experience

Who wants to go anywhere else on vacation when your own accommodation at coral sea hotels & resorts is almost in a pool?

dipping into the water right from your back door has become much easier and funnier if you chose one of those beautiful swim-up rooms. They come in all shapes and sizes, too, from family-friendly options to adults-only swim up rooms. Whichever option you choose, you will be just a couple of footsteps away from the water at all times.

Most of them are on the ground floor, but we could not forget our guests who want more privacy by offering them a number of the swim-up rooms on the second floor.

They are superb from all aspects, starting from the classy taste in designing, and the hand-picked pieces of furniture, to the astonishing view of the pool using for this your direct access from your furnished terrace. decks right on the water, various types of amenities, finest beverages and sun-kisses all are ready to make the most out of your vacation time right here, right now.

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