Travelife Annual progress report 2021
Coral Sea Imperial Sensatori

CSI - Travelife Annual progress report 2021

As a part of our commitment to sustainable development, Coral Sea Imperial -SensatoriHotel
is proud to release our public sustainability report. The purpose of this report is to inform the
hotel’s guests, team members, and contractors, stakeholders about the short term as well as
long term strategy, goals, initiatives and performance regarding the sustainability activities
across the hotel. Generally we manage to strengthen more and more the economic, social and
environmental nature of the enterprise through faithful implementation of a series of policies.
As this report advocate, it is our duty to preserve and communicate regional heritage to all the
interested parties. Applying comprehensive sustainable system is vital to control and monitor
the hotel’s negative impact on the environment and local society.
The hotel adopted the Travelife standards in 2018 and has been awarded with the gold award
for the period 2018 -2021. Essential improvement has been made, nevertheless, it is in our
primary goals to further protect the environment and support the local community and
consequently to achieve the gold Travelife standards for 2022-2024.
In the following pages you can read about our work in relation to the environment. We believe
that in the future, it will be even more important to offer Sustainable tourism accommodation
Environmental considerations are part of a successful future at home and on holiday and make
an important contribution to preservation of the natural environment. It is our obligation to the
future generations to develop and promote responsible management for a greater and
sustainable future.