Choose the best accommodation concept for you

Our Nile cruiser houses two excellent types of cabins plus four examples of luxurious and spacious suites so that you can choose the best accommodation concept for you.
All of them follow the elegant classical style, offering excellent services and furnishings with the most attractive views from your window or terrace and additionally featuring, mini bar, Satellite Tv, air conditioning and private bath with bathtub.

Standard Cabin

King Bed Cabins:
Area: 16-19 m²
On decks C, D
Twin Bed Cabins:
Area: 19 m²
On decks B, C, D

Onboard our Nile Cruiser, you can rest in the beautifully appointed standard cabin where you can feel some luxury and comfort. This cabin is equipped with excellent amenities to make your stay a glamorous and pampering experience. King-sized bed, minibar, private bathroom, and windows with breathtaking views all are awaiting you.

Jacuzzi Suite

Area: 38 m²
All on deck D

Donnot lean to the ordinary, always choose the best by picking your elite unit from our unique Jacuzzi suites. It is charming in its space, design and its in-cabin Jacuzzi that apparently exists in the bathroom, but in point of fact, it comes with a view overlooking all the delightful natural scenery through its glass window. A lovely terrace, large twin bed, sitting area, and inspiring decoration, are what we offer in this suite to guarantee you the most relaxing way to explore ancient Egypt.

Royal Suite

Area: 58 m²
All on deck D

With plenty of comfort and style, you will be accommodated in a royal unit for a splendid voyage in the pharaonic land. This suite is spacious, elegant, and rich in its amenities. You can choose what can indulge you the most between enjoying the gazing out onto the great Nile River and the natural beauty from your gorgeous furnished terrace or while laying back in your king-sized bed. Moreover, It has a lovely extension where you can have a refreshing drink in the morning whilst sitting on the Perfect sized sofa there. It is all up to you.

Executive Suites