Al Ain Sokhna is the right place where you will enjoy the best of Al Ain Sokhna weather and far more

Al Ain Al Sokhna

Reach the ideal destination for your dream vacation in Coral Sea Al Ain Sokhna Hotel

It has something for everyone where you will get the chance to make your own fun.

Why choosing Al Ain Al Sokhna?

It is only one hour away from the city to reach the ideal destination for your dream vacation, Al Ain Sokhna weather is warm in winter and mild in summer that makes it one of the favorite destinations for most of both locals and tourists for weekends and long vacations.

Here, choices are never limited with the glistening Al Ain Al Sokhna Sandy beach, diving activities, skating, fishing, enjoying nature’s beauty, loads of water sports and last but not least enjoy the luxury life at Al Ain Sokhna Hotels

Coral Sea Beach & Aqua Park