Luxor- Aswan

Luxor- Aswan

The world's greatest open air Museum

It is your perfect opportunity to discover some hidden treasures of ancient Egypt. Aboard one of our best Nile Cruises, you can explore the great history and the beautiful present of Aswan city.


Why choosing Luxor or Aswan?

Luxor is the world’s greatest open air Museum. Lies between the East and West bank of the Nile River where a beautifule Nile cruise can cross by. This city used to attract millions of locals and tourists worldwide to visit it and enjoy the most ancient Egyptian sites.

On the Nile Cruise, you will visit many sites that grant a fuller view of the accomplishments of the pharaohs and it can also provide time to relax and enjoy the sun and the scenery of the great ancient Egypt.

If you ever have been asked to describe Aswan city in one word, you can choose the word “peace” for countless reasons; it has the most beautiful and peaceful views that will leave you relaxed for a very long period.
The warm hospitality of the people of Aswan with their smile and kindness will make you love every inch in this city while visiting some of its most attractive sites and enjoying the weather, and a sunbathe on one of our Nile cruisers.